No bikes on Anemone Hill

Looks like Boulder cyclists got the head fake from Boulder officials to allow cyclists on Anemone Hill as a connector to Betasso. This connector trail would have given cyclists immediate downtown access to trails and remove the requirement to ride on Boulder Canyon for those wanting to ride to Betasso. The number of mountain bike trails accessible close to town will remain embarrassedly low.
From the Daily Camera

The 5-4 vote rejecting mountain bike access on the planned Anemone Hill loop trail came at a special meeting in which the highly contentious West Trail Study Area plan was resurrected for several hours. The plan -- which defines public access to the 11,250-acre swath of open space west of Broadway that stretches from Linden Avenue south to Eldorado Springs Drive -- was approved in March, but the leaders have tweaked the plan several times since then.

Brandon Dwight from Boulder Cycle Sport sets the tone well how not much has changed in 20+ years in regards to feeding the appetite of access to trails in Boulder

Once again Boulder officials have given cyclists the head fake,
- Feeder Canal DEAD
- No Bikes on West TSA

And all that after BMA fought HARD for Open Space to win 1B in the last election.

BMA is recommending that supporters vote out the old guard that has been blocking so much and support those who do support us

City council says no bikes on Anemone. Make a difference at the ballot box. Vote the BMA slate: King, Karakehian, Wilson, Hoffman

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Boulder County mountain bike trails

Hi, this is Will Toor, Boulder County Commissioner. People sometimes get confused about what decisions are made by the City of Boulder and what ones are made by Boulder County. To be clear:

1) The decisions about the West TSA and Anenome Hill are decisions made by the City of Boulder Open Space Board of Trustees and City Council.

2) The 2010 Ballot Issue 1B, which did get strong support from BMA, was a County issue, raising funds for the Boulder County open space program.

3) The County has developed several new trails over the last few years that are open to multiple types of users, but have some great opportunities for mountain biking. These include the construction of the Wild Turkey Loop at Heil Valley Ranch, the acquisition of the Olsen property followed by the construction of the Picture Rock Trail linking Heil to Lyons; the completion of the final trail segments required to link up with City of Boulder open space to make the "Muddy Bismarck", and most recently the acquisition of the Benjamin property and the construction of the new Benjamin Loop. We are currently building a link from Benjamin to 4 Mile Canyon (I personally had the pleasure of spending a day working on this with my 13 year old son and a whole host of BMA and WRV volunteers on National Trails Day last summer), although given the snow, this probably won't be finished till spring.

4) We are committed to multiple use passive recreation, including mountain biking, and have a great working relationship with the mountain bike community. We celebrated this by giving BMA our innaugural partners award for the incredible amount of volunteer effort and skill that they have tuned out to assist with trail construction and maintenance.

5) The Feeder Canal was a somewhat unusual case, in that the County did not own the right of way - most was owned by the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. When they made it clear that they would not allow access to the right of way at this time, it really made it impossible to move forward, regardless of what the County wanted to do. We are beginning a planning process for another significant trail on the plains, however - a trail generally along the old Union Pacific rail alignment linking Boulder to Erie.