Cross'n it up at night in Denver

By avid reader, John Philips
Cyclocross is alive and kicking in the South Denver Suburbs! At BikeSource in Highlands Ranch we have a Wednesday night cyclocross ride that starts at 6pm. Hans, our store manager, begins by loading up his Surly Big Dummy cargo bike with portable barriers, his cyclocross bike and snacks from Whole Foods in Highlands Ranch (one of our awesome sponsors). We cruise over to one of several local parks and set-up a mini cross course. Once the course is ready, we do a slow lap so everyone knows the course. Then we’ll do 2-3 fast laps. To catch our breath, we relax for a few minutes and enjoy the snacks—this week it was hot apple cider and ginger snaps! After snacktime, we usually do some skill work. Hopping barriers, cornering, and transitions are commonly addressed. Some nights we’ll run another set of hot laps. We then pack up and ride casually back to the shop.
Anyone is welcome—we ride mostly cyclocross bikes but also some folks ride mtn bikes. Dress warmly, as it is getting chilly once the sun goes down. Good front and rear lights are important to see the course.
PS: BikeSource also has a lot of cyclocross specific stuff in stock: bikes, tubes, tires, tubulars, brakes, chainrings and embrocation!
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Love how the Big Dummy can act as a table as well!

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