City and County contribute funding to widening 93 & crossing.

From the Daily Camera

A Colorado Department of Transportation project to add six-foot shoulders to Colo. 93 has provided the opportunity to build an underpass at a dangerous trail crossing south of Boulder.

Community Ditch Trail crosses Colo. 93 south of the intersection with Marshall Road. A guardrail on one side of the highway means cyclists and pedestrians have to cross at an angle. The visibility is poor, and cars are traveling at high speeds.
Despite the perceived hazard, there haven't been many accidents at the trail crossing. City officials said they have just one on record in which a dog was a hit.

That had led CDOT officials to be hesitant to approve a crossing at the location or approve closures to the highway that will be necessary to construct the underpass.

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That's way too expensive and a year to build is a joke

I 100% support this project except that I question the $6.7 million price tag for improving a 1 mile section of road. That is EXTREMELY expensive! Also, 1 year to construct improvements on this section of road? I would think 6 months tops! Lastly, with the speed vehicles drive this section of 93 (one of the most dangerous sections), I would think shoulders should be no less than 8 feet wide.

Really, are you an engineer?

Really, are you an engineer? Do you actually know how much effort it takes to rebuild a highway? I'll go ahead and say no. Obviously there's a correlation between the cost and the time it will take to get done due to the engineering involved. I'm sure the project managers with their many degrees and years of experience would be just *keen* to know how to cut the project time in half so maybe you should put together a proposal and send it in.