New single track around Boulder Reservoir

Looks like the good folks at Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance are working with the city parks department to create a new single track that will go around the rez. To make this even better is that Open Space is not part of the discussion because this is on city land which means.... this trail could have races on it!! If you are interested in see this happen then please attend the meeting July 13th, see below.

The Boulder Parks and Recreation Department is revisiting its master plan for Boulder Reservoir. We'd like to see a proper trail network circumnavigating the reservoir for mountain bike racing, cross country running races, triathlons, and to give us all one more place to play. Don't forget that this area ties into the Boulder Valley Ranch trails. Unlike the Open Space Department, which bans competetive events on all Open Space Lands, this area could and does host races because it is run by the Parks Department. Please comment on line here. Tell them that you'd like to see an "well-designed natural surface trail network" circumnavigating the reservoir. Personalize your comment as you'd see fit, but if you do not have time, simply cut and paste the following sentence into the on line comment form:

I'd like to see the Parks And Recreation Department update the Boulder Reservoir Master Plan by including plans for a well-designed natural surface trail network circumnavigating the reservoir.

We also encourage you to attend a public meeting to determine the future of Boulder Reservoir. Keep your message positive and emphasize the opportunity this presents and the low cost nature of these improvements.

Monday, July 13, 2009
5:30 - 8 p.m.
New Day Covenant Church
2801 Jay Road

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