New Mountain Bike trails in the Rocky Mountain National Park is being looked into

From the Colorado Daily

Rocky Mountain National Park officials are studying the development of two new biking trails in the park.

Cycling in the park now is allowed only on roads, not trails. But park officials are considering a 15.5-mile nonmotorized, multi-use trail running from Estes Park's Fall River entrance to Sprague Lake as well as two miles of mountain-bike-friendly singletrack along the East Shore Trail near Grand Lake.

"This would provide another mode of transportation for people to access the park and use the park," said the park's planning chief, Larry Gamble, on the potential trail along Fall River Road accessing campgrounds and trailheads on the east side of the park. "Our goal is to look at a trail system that would link up with trails that are being planned in the Estes Valley."

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I'm excited about any pro

I'm excited about any pro-biking movement in RMNP, but sounds like a gravel bike path with 2 miles of actual trail over on the Continental Divide Trail on the West side. I'd love to be able to ride through the park, but don't see it being any sort of destination.

The most interesting thing is the mention of trail development in Estes. The question would be crusher path or actual singletrack?