The Gov signs in new Hit and Run bill and why

Yesterday Colorado Governor signed in to law a new bill that no longer rewards drunk drivers who are involved in a hit and run to flee the scene of the accident. That's because before charges for fleeing the scene of the accident were much lighter than being a good drunk and hanging around and getting nailed for DUI and the accident. More on the details of the law.

This bill was a bill that all attendees of the Colorado Bike Summit talked to their representatives about and for the most part this law seemed like a slam dunk and was over due and here is why, today in the Daily Camera they wrote on this new law and a recent incident by a Denver person.

Last week, a University of Denver graduate student walking his bike was struck and killed, allegedly by an SUV that ran a red light. Witnesses said the driver sped off with the bike still stuck to the vehicle's front. A suspect, a felon with a long arrest record including traffic violations and drug charges, was arrested Monday night. It's unclear if the driver knew his victim had died: But if the student had been seriously injured, the driver would have been less severely punished than if he had stayed on the scene.

While this new law might not prevent accidents like this one in the future it will hopefully give prosecutors the rightful power to sentence them.

Thanks to Bicycle Colorado for making this bill a law!

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