Gruss Gott fur cyclists on new Flagstaff Road

Apparently Jan 7th a new trail will get opened connecting Boulder Canyon (just about a half mile up from the end of the Boulder Creek Path) to Flagstaff road near the Amphitheater. For the time being this trail will be one way for cyclists and that is uphill so be sure to commit to the climb before you start. For lunch time cycling warriors this will allow for an awesome loop and get up back in the office, showered and ready for the 1pm client meeting. See you all on the 7th!

From the Daily Camera

The city spent an additional $50,000 to restore New Deal-era stone walls along the road, build the trailhead and do some grading along the trail, Reeder said.

For the time being, pedestrians and equestrians -- as well as people using snow shoes and telemark skis -- can use the trail in both directions, Reeder said. Cyclists can go uphill toward Flagstaff Road, but not downhill toward Boulder Canyon.

Dogs are not allowed on the trail for now, Reeder said.

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