On Tuesday Nights, August 20th and 27th, the cyclocross scene will get a chance to tune up for the biggest season in Colorado history with two brand new formats! Without Limits Productions, along with title sponsor NiteIze, have gone way outside the box to create Preseason CYCLO X Formula Four and Relay Sixty! In the words of Race Director Lance Panigutti, "Cyclocross is such a unique sport that it lends itself to new formats, it's just never been done before. Formula Four and Relay Sixty are new ways to pump some excitement and spectator energy into a sport that's already stocked full of energy! One of our goals in 2012 with dialing in live and fast chip timing was to pave the way for event concepts like Formula Four, now let's set the course and line-up!" Below are descriptions of these two unique formats that will be staged at Valmont Bike Park.

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Formula Four Tuesday August 20th, Valmont Bike Park!

 We're proud to introduce the Formula Four format, a race with never ending strategy and a whole new level of punishing pain.  Picture a field of 80 riders (A/B/C Waves), then slowly over the course of 55 min it gets whittled down to just 10 riders lined up for a 1-lap, winner take all race!  There's no room for error as riders fight for every position on the 4-lap (5min lap), 3-lap, and 2-lap qualifying rounds.  Better yet, there's no time for rest as qualifying rounds are separated by just a single minute after the last rider crosses the line.   

Relay Sixty Tuesday August 27th, Valmont Bike Park!

If you thought the Formula Four Format was a blast then it's time to call up your teammates and friends.  Relay Sixty is 60min of heart pumping and team yelling action that'll make you feel like a race car driver.   A/B/C waves set up like Formula Four, but this time it's a straight 60min race with 2-5 of your race buddies.  Teams can be all male, all female, or coed and must have a minimum of 2 athletes and maximum of 5.  All athletes on each team must complete at least one lap for a result.  Exchanges (Timing Chip) will be made in pit row!  Pit row will also function as your wheel/bike pit as your teammates get in on the action each lap!

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Nice Try

I appreciate that WOL is putting these on and looking to try new formats in the CX realm. I am afraid that it falls too much in the in-between for me though. I am not sure who they are looking to attract. $25 and chip timing sounds awfully official. Take this thing grassroots, drop the timing, change the venue, charge $10 and let people have fun. Excited to hear how it turns out, but I won't be in attendance.

Neither of those formats

Neither of those formats require chip timing. The Formula Four is based on finishing place, not time, to move to the next round. The Relay could just as easily use batons, crushed PBR cans, or old Livestrong bracelets instead of timing chips. You want your lap times? Get a Timex.

Have you seen officials try

Have you seen officials try to sort out results by hand after an event? Now you want them to accurately score the entire race so the top 50% advance in under a minute? It'll never happen! Chip timing is the only thing that makes that possible. If you raced a WOL event in 2012 you'd know how instantaneous results where when crossing the line. Now let's go ride and support something that looks painfully fun as hell.

Nice Try, Nice Try

Obviously you have not been a race director.

Let us know when you put on an awesome CX race. Till then don't knock those who do.

People want races at great places like Valmont, not doing switchbacks in a field with a ditch.

Nice Try pt. 2

Maybe my post came across a bit more negative than I wanted it to. It is great that they are putting these races on and I wish WOL the best and will again sign up for their CX series. I just meant that I already have 20+ options of races with high prices and accurate timing (part 1 of their overhead). There are also 20+ chances this year to race a bike at Valmont (which is part 2 of their overhead). So I'll save my money and hit up the Lory Challenge or Laramie on those nights.