Open Space Board approves 2 new trails

From the Daily Camera

The Boulder Open Space Board of Trustees approved two possible mountain bike trails on the open space land west of the city Wednesday night, though both proposals would require cooperation from other landowners.
The two mountain bike trail opportunities that the board approved were the ones originally recommended by Open Space and Mountain Parks staffers. One would connect Eldorado Canyon with Walker Ranch, and one would connect Boulder Canyon to Flagstaff Mountain via Chapman Drive. For either to become a reality, other landowners, including the state park, would have to agree.

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The article goes on to talk about the West TSA issue.

BUT here is where the story is really going!

Another story in the paper today, Boulder County sues to close Red Lion's temporary bridge. Did you catch it? This is the access point to one of the above approved trails by the open space, Chapman Drive!. For those who don't know, there is an old access road that drops in on Boulder Canyon near the 2/3's point up Flagstaff road and comes in at Chapman drive. What a great noon ride for cyclist!! I think if the county/open space wins this battle this should help them out politically with Mountain Bikers and the TSA battle.

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It would be very worthwhile journalistic work for you to investigate and report on the Chapman Drive issue.

* A Chapman - Creekpath loop is obvious and would be terrific.
* The bottom of Chapmans is closed due to one pvt landowner not allowing access.
* OSMP has been working on obtaining access.
* The County is suing to CLOSE the bridge, not open it. No bridge, no bike access.
* It is likely the bridge will somehow be rebuilt to County Code, but by whom is not clear.
* Interesting speculation arises as to the possibility of a City/County/Landowner deal whereby a new bridge is built in return for public access.

Links to articles in the paper provides minimal information; how about finding out what is really happening?

The city and the county are

The city and the county are 2 different entities here. The city wants the access to Chapman Rd and they are proposing to build their own pedestrian bridge. It is obfuscation on the Red Lion's part to state that the city wants to use his bridge for access.