New Bike Infrastructure for new Hwy36

From the Denver Post

As Bike to Work Day grows, cyclists and law enforcement officers are hailing a key but little ballyhooed facet of a revamped U.S. 36: a 12-foot-wide bikeway that will stretch from Westminster to Boulder.

The bike path will include 2-foot- wide shoulders and run adjacent to U.S. 36 between 80th Avenue in Westminster and Table Mesa Drive in Boulder, where it will join up with existing trails.
The bikeway should open by late 2015 or early 2016 as part of the completion of the Phase II portion of the widening of U.S. 36.

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Route from Westminster

Its been a while, but when I used to ride from Boulder, you can catch the Big Dry Creek trail from Westminster that leads down to the Platte River trail. There are a few surface streets you may have to navigate in Westminster but I found some through neighborhoods that were quiet and easy.

Parts of the trail I've seen

Parts of the trail I've seen go at least as far as Sheridan, and I thought I heard one report that it'll go all the way to Pecos. I guess from there you could go south to the Clear Creek trail and get downtown eventually via Platte, or further south to 46th street.