Queue Jumps, Bike Boxes and Separated Lanes coming to Denver this summer

Many have been working hard to get this going in including BikeDenver With there help Denver will get some amazing new bicycle infrastructure this summer. Thanks Everyone who many this possible

From the Denver Post

Phase one includes a patterned, plastic material that separates the bike lane from the car lanes, as well as green pavement markings that will define where a car and bike share space. There are at least 15 access points where cars and trucks need to access businesses, residences and alleys along 15th from the left side of the road.


But perhaps most interesting is a queue jump, which is a signal specific for bikes, allowing them a head start to go in front of traffic. This will be installed at 15th and Lawrence and gives cyclists an opportunity to move from the left side to the right side of 15th Street.

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