Strava implements new Algorithms to meet riders needs

Due to popular demand for Strava and KOM's along with Strava's attempt to manage stravassholing they have apparently added new algorithms. Below is a snippet which apparently came from the CEO of Strava. Enjoy!

Problems also arise when KOM holders interact with other actual cyclists and get their shit handed to them on a plate, according to Horvath. “The cognitive dissonance that arises when you think you are the king of a mountain, but then on a group ride you are the last person up the mountain you’re supposedly king of, creates so much depression, self-doubt, anger, and disillusionment that our most committed members are letting their memberships lapse,” he explains.

Read all about the new Strava Algorithms

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Strava is becoming popular, so some people will naturally push back. Doesn't really matter; it's well-designed software, serving a purpose, so will continue to grow. Regarding stravassholes, the term is cute, but I've never witnessed or heard a direct account of any of that stuff happening. Some people are a-holes, most are not, irregardless of what technology they are or aren't using.

I met some of the people who work there; they are very nice, very smart, very helpful, and with a laudable vision. I'm really liking strava.

You gotta show up!

I have never tried Stava, and I have no intention to. I don't care what your PR is on any course, or even what my PR is for that matter.
Conditions change, wind, stress, sleep the night before, it all has an effect on how you ride and your times. Regardless, You have to show up on race day to prove it, everything else is just noise!


I call it going by bike and people *do* seem to make the cotiecnnon between my overall bliss and the cycling habit and how it becomes a lifestyle but boy, would I like to find a way to really convey that they are *not* powerless and could find it themselves. Since I don't have a car people know I'm getting places by the bike, but sometimes still say you rode the bike today?


I've only had positive interaction on Strava. When someone beats a KOM of mine I congratulate them and let it go. If I miss out on a KOM because I'm held up due to traffic on a trail, well, that's just part of the game, I'm not going to run someone off the trail to win an imaginary trophy.
I like the tracking ability more than anything else, and honestly the KOM's will be mostly irrelevant for residents of Denver and Boulder because unless you are a Pro racer, National Champion or get 4th on the Olympics, you aren't likely to get a KOM on anything significant.