How do you cope with Mother Nature's Evil Winds

It's never good when the temperature and wind speed are equal

Warm nice temperatures and strong evil winds entered the front range area yesterday with winds exceeding the temperature by reaching 88mph in Boulder. This turned the weather NEvil (nice + evil) Over the years I've heard some odd ways people deal with this beast. Below are some recent quotes and I'll add I few I think I remember.

"Imagine the wind puffing energy into you" (or something like that, Heather Irmiger.

"Crazy windy. Dodging trash-can lids and flying cats, BUT worth it. Rode with a vest, and NO HAT OR GLOVES. I have HANDS!! With FINGERS!"

Catherine Johnson
"wind skills are useful around here especially in the Spring. relax and let the wind push you around, but when you are about"

One great thing about all this wind is the 'wind face' people make. so cool, really.

Bicycle Labs
" Hate the trainer? Try to use your trainer rides as a way to meditate: #cycling"

Dejan Smaic
I wonder what the top speed of any brave rider could be while riding east with the TAIL WIND on Rt1 119?? Any takers??

Megan Hottman
"So for the next 24 hrs it's going to be 60-80mph wind where I live. Finally warm enough to ride and ... Denied thx to wind."

What is your strategy to deal with the wind? Do you;
- suck it up and use it as a training opportunity and love the warmth
- hide in the basement on the trainer
- drink a beer and read 303cycling and dream of rides you will do later

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Top Ten Tips for Riding in the Wind

It is always windy when I ride. Always. I like to pretend it gives me a leg up for racing. I've devoted ample thought to come up with ways to battle the wind. Probably an unhealthy amount of thought.

Here are my top ten tips for surviving.
#10: Don't attempt it you are below the "Katie Index": 145pounds/5'10".

#9: The "Katie Index" can have variations. For instance, my sister Lynette, is taller, but lighter. Dangerous combo for her. She blows like a sheet in the wind.

#8: When the wind is head on, spin in a lower gear. Pay attention It's tempting to look straight down to avoid shrapnel, but that's just dangerous.

#7: Side wind--gear up a touch from the spin and prepare for gusts. Drop your wind side shoulder like a boxer preparing for a punch.

#6: Side wind from your right, take the lane. Take the whole damn thing before you need it rather than getting blown into traffic.

#5: Side wind from your left-be wary of shoulders--especially the non-existent ones. One gust and you're ditch-a-fied.

#4: Clip-out @ stoplights before you normally do. Side gusts-brace the bike a little on the diagonal with your non-gust foot ahead.

#3: Dress accordingly. 45 degrees can feel like 15 with high winds.

#2: Tail winds can be riotously enjoyable. Ride them while you can but ride them responsibly. Your stop time might not be so fun.

#1: As always, be aware of flying debris. Yes, it seems like a bad natural disaster movie, but flying objects can and do impale.

And with that fellow windies, get out there, brave the wind and enjoy yourself.

bring a small screwdriver

Bring a small screw driver to clean the tumbleweed out of the gears. Be ready for the sand/gravel blasting during the big gusts. Have an old pair of Oakly 'Pilots' (if you can find them) for those days. if you can ride the mtn bike in the woods. Remember it could be worse.. you could be living in the midwest, where spring cycling also includes lots of rain with the wind.