NCAR Hill Climb in Boulder

NCAR Hill Climb, the quick, simple Boulder climb

Looking back down the road at the top

Simple, close and short are what make NCAR a classic hill climb choice in Boulder. Maybe you only have 30 minutes to ride or maybe you were not gifted with the body of a hill climber, whatever the reason NCAR Hill Climb is a nice ride for all types of cyclists. The views from the climb over look the city of Boulder and cyclist know before hand excatly where their end destination is, not a common thing of many climbs. Being able to see where you have to ride to can be comforting because you can see the light at the end of the tunnel or evil because it may feel like it takes so long to get there (most can complete it in 10-ish minutes)

Details of the NCAR climb
Grade: 5.7 on average
Distance: about 2 miles, maybe longer depending on your starting point
Total elevation: Almost 700ft.

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Great for beginner riders, it will still be hard for you but relax, it will also be over quickly.


My boyfriend rides that on

My boyfriend rides that on his fixie all the time. It's do-able. However he also rides his fixie up flag, sunshine, James (yes even "super" flag and "super" James), Evans and even Mag...but I won't let home come down that one. No brakes he may blow a knee on Mag.