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Another inspiring Boulder organization working on creating the equivalent to the $100 laptop. Marius Klee, a personal friend of mine, is heading up Movement Bike to help create the $10 bike. Why is this important? Learn more from Marius himself.

[303Cycling] Is your organization doing the same thing as the $100 laptop?

[Marius] The idea is very similar to the $100 laptop, "One Laptop Per Child", by Nicholas Negroponte, but for transportation. Bicycles serves as fundamental way of mobility in developing countries, as well as Europe or the US, but the main entry barrier is the price. Our long term goal is to scale our project in such a way that we can significantly reduce the cost of the bicycle and empower more people that way.

[303Cycling] How did you get started in this?

[Marius] Every summer throughout college I traveled with NGOs to developing countries (China, Nepal, India, Africa) to volunteer. Studying economics, I researched what tools can be very beneficial and improve the economy. Transportation and mobility are fundamental in our lives, whether it's the transportation of goods, or saving time, or simply being more efficient. I'm motivated by the good that we can bring to people by giving them quality products at low prices. Bicycles have such widespread effects from increased income to lower teen pregnancies (due to the improved economic situation within a family, parents can allow their kids to go to school, which reduces teens getting married early, reduces HIV spread, and creates a more educated population). It is a very powerful tool.

[303Cycling] How far along are you?

[Marius] Our pilot project is this fall. Our bicycles are currently being made in Hong Kong, and will be shipped to Africa. This is a milestone itself, and we hope to prove our model after that and scale the project. We also partnered with several bicycle initiatives which is unique in the nonprofit world, as so many organizations focus on their own survival/success. We have started some great dialog between organizations to work together more.

[303Cycling] How can Boulder/Denver cyclist help out?

[Marius] I think Boulder/Denver cyclist can help by simply spreading the word. We will operate in Kisumu, Kenya, which is a sister city with Boulder. I also know that Denver is a sister city with Nairobi Kenya, which is an avenue that we haven't quite explored. The Boulder-Kisumu connection has been a great alliance already.
I attached a high resolution picture of our bike.

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