Mountain Bike Safety Bill Fails in Senate

One 1 of 2 new cycling bills just failed in the Colorado Senate due to lack of Democrat support. Next bill up on the block is the Open Roads Act which will prevent cities like Black Hawk from banning bikes. Hopefully that one gets more traction. Below is the Denver Post explanation as to why the Mountain Bike Safety Bill failed. The upcoming Colorado Bike Summit is a good opportunity to vent your frustration to your elected officials as many will be available for discussions.

From the Denver Post

Citing concerns about stripping protection from victims of negligence, a Senate panel voted 5-4 today against a bill that would have limited liability for mountain bike area operators and providers of other mountain biking services.

Senate Bill 36, sponsored by Sen. Greg Brophy, R-Wray, sought to protect trail owners, equipment renters and guides from lawsuits stemming from injury to riders except in cases of intentional injuries or "willful and wanton" conduct.

Brophy said his bill was similar to laws protecting ski areas and dude ranch owners, and would encourage growth of the sport in the state.

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