Steamboat Springs: Bike Town U.S.A.

Every year we make the trip to Steamboat Springs. I love that town. We could not sleep for four days and still not have time to do all that we want to do. This last trip we rode horses (scary), rode the alpine slide (my five year old says she doesn’t want to go with me again because I go to slow), tubed the Yampa, went fishing, swam in the hot springs pool and yes we even mountain biked. Cause Steamboat Springs is after all Bike Town USA.

Steamboat Resort has a downhill (DH) bike park. It has over 50 miles of trail and is accessible by gondola or by pedaling up but you must have a bike access ticket to ride the DH trails. Before I go further, let me draw you a picture; you, your bike and Disney Land. It was like that. But better. My smile was ear to ear. It was like one of those days where all seems right with the world. Unicorns, hearts and gum drops.

So here’s what you do. Plan a trip to Steamboat. Figure on at least three days for riding alone. Add more if you want to go slow on the alpine slide and get scared on a horse. Do one on trails (need to learn more about this), one day on Howelsen Hill (can couple with horsey time) and one day for the downhill park at the resort. Get caffeinated at Off the Beaten Path and carb up at Cuginos. For the middle of the day after you’ve shredded the gnar on the downhill, grab a taco at Tacos del Barco. What more do you need?

The bike park at the Steamboat resort should be on your summer bucket list. If you are a bit nervous might I suggest a lesson? I ran into (figuratively speaking) a group on the trail that were having a lesson. For $89.00 you can rent a bike, downhill protection (pads, full face helmet) and a guide! And the good news is that the mountain provides trails for all levels.

So, it’s not too late. I can smell the coffee from here and I can still feel that joy I felt as I careened along the banked turns on the downhill park. What a great way to finish off the summer. Don’t you think?

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