Grand Valley is luring cyclists away from Moab

The Denver Post is reporting on Grand Valley's the new mecca for Mountain Biking.

Well new might be a stretch but there's not doubt that more attention is being brought to the area and it isn't happening by accident or fuel prices. More trails, more events and support.

From the new and inspiring Palisade Rim Trail to the view-heavy Mesa Top Trail on the Grand Mesa to fresh loops on Fruita's 18 Road network of singletrack, the Grand Valley is bustling with new trails that are elevating the region as a viable contender to Moab as the West's premier mountain biking destination.

Moab is great and very unique but now with the many options the Grand Valley creates only a true bike snob would feel the need to roll on a few more hours to reach Moab.

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Grand Valley is incredible. But Moab has better views. If one is staying in a hotel in Fruita, one of the hard parts is that there is no riding right from town. Perhaps the same is true for GJ. Moab is doing well with their PipeDream trail, as now one can ride right from the heart of town.

Good news is that they are both equally incredible riding destinations, and having 2 options out on western slope will hopefully keep crowds to a minimum.