Mountain Biking at Eldora?

Last week we reported on how Eldora is seeking input to their Master Plan and thanks to Mike Barrow and others at the BMA, they attended some of these events and provided some information to the story of riding at Eldora someday. This is one of the ways BMA are helping riders!

Eldora Mountain Resort is in the process of planning out their next decade and BMA is pushing to get some great summer use out of our favorite local winter ski resort!

Because of the ski area sits on USFS land, Eldora is required to have a master plan and periodically update it.

As part of Eldora's plan to make their resort a more desirable day use ski area, they are hoping to replace the two main front lifts with a high-speed sixpack that would get skiers up to the top faster and safer in high winds (or as they called it "breezes"). These high-speed lifts can be mounted with bike carriers in the summer, which is great news for us. Last Wednesday, several BMA members went to an open house at the Boulder Public library and lobbied for summer biking at the resort. It seems our Action Alert has already had an impact with a about 100 separate comments asking for summer programming. The officials we talked to said that they were going to take a look at the economics side of having a summer biking park there!

Although it will be several years before Eldora secures financing and implements the new lifts that make summer biking possible, one cannot discount how HUGE this is for mountain biking in BoulderCounty. If hopping on a lift and bombing some great trails sounds like a blast to you, please go to this link and fill out their survey! At the bottom of the page, in the "other comments" box, type in something about how you'd be willing to pay $$ to ride the lifts at Eldora and eat something at their cafeteria after some hard riding! Maybe, we'll all get our wish!

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