Mountain Bike Radio looking for Cyclocross Podcast Host

- Podcast Host -

Mountain Bike Radio is the only online radio and podcast network dedicated to cycling. With 12 different shows covering all areas of riding and racing on non-paved surfaces, we provide a lot of great discussions, interviews, and other unique content. We are growing and looking for a host of a new show this fall. "The 303Cycling Cyclocross Show", presented by 92Fifty Cyclery will be a weekly cyclocross recap show highlighting the fall racing throughout the state of Colorado, the Colorado Cyclocross Power Rankings. This position will run mid September - January 13 (Cyclocross Nationals).

You may be good for this position if:

- You know cyclocross. Are you familiar with racers in the state and know some history? Could you talk for 30 minutes on the air by yourself discuss racers, teams, and course. You need to be able to report on it - racers, equipment, brands, teams, sponsors,etc. Please keep in mind that just because you race a lot doesn't mean you could talk a lot about it.
- You possess social skills. Can you start up conversation with strangers and carry the conversation if they look at you weird?
- You are positive and upbeat.
- You are creative. We are looking for a host (hosts if you have a partner who you'd like to split the $ with....) who can come up with ways of being creative. An example would be get a couple clips of audio after a race and incorporate that into the show.
- You are into social media.
- You are NOT an active racer. Do you race a lot of the races during the cyclocross season? Then this job isn't for you. It takes a lot of time and energy to race and try to do work. Trust us. It does.
- You know marketing and sales. It's not a requirement for a formal education, but you should know how it works.
- Knowledge of recording, audio, editing, podcasting, and anything in the industry a BIG plus, but not required.

Position requirements:

- Head up the show - record, report, and whatever else you feel the need to get done to give listeners a full idea of the racing. This will include a lot of reading results and just checking in with a few of your contacts. If you're into heading to races, do it.
- Create a Colorado Power Rankings (think college sports rankings) for both men and women for the top racers, which will include developing the criteria for the rankings.
- Provide a fully edited, complete episode audio by midday Monday each week. Expect that each episode is in the 20-30 minute range.
- Estimated total time to complete the week's show - researching, checking results, rankings, recording, and editing around 5-6 hours.

The availability of this position is dependent on advertising/sponsorship coming through. This is a unique opportunity for someone to be creative and get some great experience being on the air. You will have the opportunity to make a name for yourself in a cycling-minded state! You will be expected to sign on to the position for the entire time period. Pay is every two completed episodes. Advertising sharing is available if you can sell ad spots on the air or for the site.

If you are interested, please send the following to to apply:

- A resume of your previous or current experience that would make you the perfect candidate including your desired pay.
- A short audio file of an example show of how you would produce it to be posted . In the file, please include a short recording with another person.
- A description of why you want the position.
- Something creative

If you would like to sponsor the show, run ads, or sponsor the CO Cyclocross Power Ranking, please contact

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