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The Mt. Evans Hill climb is a bicycle race that takes place on Mount Evans, Colorado. It was run for the first time in 1962. The race was renamed in 1981 in honor of five-time race winner Bob Cook, who died of cancer at the age of 23. The climb is a little over 27 miles.

The race takes place on the highest paved road in the United States. The race starts at 7,540 feet in Idaho Springs, Colorado and proceeds to Echo Lake where the race turns and climbs nearly to the summit (14,130 feet).

An average of 600-1,000 riders compete each year.

The present Men's record holder is Tom Danielson, set in 2004 with a time of 1:41:20. The Women's course record is held by Jeannie Longo from France with a time of 1:59:19.

Past Winners

Men's Winners
  • 2014 Fortunato Ferrara
  • 2013 Christopher Carr
  • 2012 LeRoy Popowski
  • 2011 LeRoy Popowski
  • 2010 Peter Stetina
  • 2009 Tom Danielson*
  • 2008 Kevin Nicol
  • 2007 Tom Danielson*
  • 2006 Scott Moninger*
  • 2005 Scott Moninger*
  • 2004 Tom Danielson*
  • 2003 Jonathan Vaughters*
  • 2002 Scott Moninger*
  • 2001 Scott Moninger*
  • 2000 Scott Moninger*
  • 1999 Jonathan Vaughters*
  • 1998 Scott Moninger*
  • 1997 Jonathan Vaughters*
  • 1996 [No Race]
  • 1995 Mike Engleman
  • 1994 Mike Engleman
  • 1993 Mike Engleman
  • 1992 Mike Engleman
  • 1991 Mike Engleman
  • 1990 Alexi Grewal
Women's Winners
  • 2014 Mara Abbott
  • 2013 Annie Toth
  • 2012 Tammy Jacques-Grewal
  • 2011 Tammy Jacques
  • 2010 Tammy Jacques-Grewal
  • 2009 Jennifer Slawta
  • 2008 Jeannie Longo
  • 2007 Kate van Valkenburg
  • 2006 Mara Abbott
  • 2005 Mara Abbott
  • 2004 Ann Trombley
  • 2003 Allison Lusby
  • 2002 Kimberly Bruckner
  • 2001 Karen Bockel
  • 2000 Kimberly Bruckner
  • 1999 Emily Robbins
  • 1998 Jeannie Longo
  • 1997 Julie Hudetz
  • 1996 [No Race]
  • 1995 Linda Jackson
  • 1994 Eve Stephenson
  • 1993 Jan Bolland
  • 1992 Linda Brenneman
  • 1991 Darien Raistrick
  • 1990 Darien Raistrick

* = Doper


2015 Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb - 50 Years from Primal Wear on Vimeo.

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yeah the final wave was shortened due to lightening near the peak. my understanding is that they started driving down and scoring riders as they passed them and turning them around. unfortunate but lightning above treeline is nothing to trifle with.

apparently most of those races were already strung out, so it seems like a decent approximation of the actual results (though in my case i wish theyd called my race early since i lost one position on the switchbacks :)

Mt. Evans Turn around

I was less than 100 yards from the top at around 12:30. The sky was clear with a few clouds building in the far distance. There was no distant thunder. I was told to turn around and go back down. The lady on a motorcycle yelled at me and threatened me if I did't turn around instantly. She was quite rude. How can a marshal be on such a power trip. I found the event poorly run in other instances. Maybe next year will be better.

Safety First, Always!

You found the even poorly run, but you are going to do it again???

Better to have "rude" motorcycle officials, then stupid cyclists who won't follow instructions getting hit by lightening. One of few times it has been called for lightening, so I would side with the officials on the top making the call.

Thanks for calling me stupid

When a person is less than 30 seconds to the top and there is no thunder or lighting anywhere around to be denied the top is rude. She could have said good job, hurry and don't linger. If there had been thunder or lighting you can be sure I wouldn't have ridden that far but turned around earlier.

On my way down there were still people riding up. They hadn't been turned around. Yes, I'd do it again with hopes that it is run better next year. Do you have a problem with people with people sharing their opinion?

I saw you get turned around

I cramped at the top & was in a car on the way down. I saw the official on the bike stopped in the road & power tripping 100 yards from the line. It was just silly! Just say I want you to finish & turn to come right down, that is fair & she could have followed/watched. There were TONS of others she should have been talking to miles down the Mountain. I have no clue how they found out or when.

evans etiquette

to the dude in a different race who jumped on my wheel as i passed him and then told me to "lighten up" when i warned him off of me:

I've seen my share of warnings and DQs over people drafting off of different races.

If you wanna risk your race thats one thing but its super rude to put someone elses race at risk for your pacing benefit.

Granted the likelihood is pretty low, but its still a crappy thing to do, and even crappier to cop attitude when i ask you not to sit on my wheel. "IS IT REALLY HURTING YOU?", he asked. well not yet but its not a risk i wanna take. once i ask you nicely not to do it, why are we still having the conversation? just respect my wishes.