Morgul Bismark Podcast with Race Director

Yesterday the race organizers and sponsors met with the race director, Brian Hludzinski, to discuss the big race coming up this weekend.

Remember that this race is by far not just for the competitor despite this being one of the more racer supported event many Colorado racers will get the chance to do in 2010. Friday night things get kicked off with street sprints, live music and food (check out the schedule for Friday). The street sprints (something rarely witnessed in Colorado) will take place on Coalton Road in front of Community Park starting at 4pm and lasting until 8:30. The pasta dinner kicks off at 6pm and the band takes the stage at 7pm. With Osker Blues being one of the sponsors you will be sure to find me around 7pm with 1-2 beers in me and 1 in the hand watching the sprints roll down the street!

303Cycling's homepage for Morgul Bismark. Be sure to revisit this for updates, photos and videos of this up coming great event!

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$50 Crit... Ouch...

Will be interesting to see the numbers this weekend.

$50 for a 45 minute crit is way over my threshold. Next weekend, I can do City Park Crit for $30 and then add a second race for $10.

Still on the fence about the $70 Road Race. Cool course and all, but it would be the most expensive one day race I have ever done. It would go against my June racing budget...


I was thinking about racing this weekend but $50 for a crit and $70 for a road race is STEEP. I am curious as to why they are combining the 35+/4s and the 45+/4s. Currently there are over 80 registered in the 35+/4s filed and close to 30 in the 45+/4s. The same thing was done at the Boulder Roubaix. Why not combine the 3s and the 35+/3s?

Why combine categories

110+ guys starting at once is sure to create a ton of yellow line violations. Why do they do this? It just creates way too large of a field for a single lane. I think we may have both lanes on portions of this course, but it is still going to feel crowded the first lap. A two minute wait would go a long way towards making it a cleaner race for both the racers and officials.