Coyotes threaten cyclists along Boulder Creek Path again

Within the last month there have been multiple issues with coyotes along an east section of the Boulder Creek path. On any typical roadway coyote issues resolve themselves as the cars and trucks will eliminate the issue with in seconds of contact but new transportation arteries like the Boulder Creek path does not have that self correcting characteristic, users of these pathways are vulnerable to these wildlife encroachments. Added to these issues many of our multi use paths are located in or nearby protected open space. Continued issues like these will make many bike commuters who are on the fence about attempting to use this pathway as a means to commute will easily make the choice to drive instead.

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Coyote specific locations

Hey Kris,
I'm sure they are roaming all over the creek path area but any way you could post a map from the State or City as to the locations of confrontations and general vicinity of sightings? This would help us users of the eastern paths a lot to give us some frame of reference of when to really pay attention. Also, are these broad daylight or dusk/dawn times typically?

Yote Locations-Elk?

Thanks Much! Think i'll leave my coyote call at home for a while longer.

Any more dangerous, aggressive Elk us cyclists in Boulder should know about? Maybe it's just time to start packin a new kind of heat on the bike, turn my water bottle cage into a holster! Now there's a new product we need to see at interbike!