Master teams are rolling to Nationals this week

Racing at nationals is very exciting, it can be some of the most intense racing you might ever get to do as riders from all over the country focus on this one race. What usually is missing at the elite nationals are teams. Few race nationals, if you are lucky you have 1 teammate but it you are Peter Lucke of the Mix 1 Team in Boulder then you will have 6 others there at nationals with you! This year the Mix 1 team is sending 6 riders to nationals hoping to take home some medal from what some will say is the best 35+ masters criterium team in Colorado. This weekend riders from around the nation will arrive at Bend Oregon to fight for USA National championships.

Pete Lucke wins the 45 Plus race at Wheels Of Thunder, out of a 6 man break, spring 2011

Look out Oregon because not only will this team show up with a good size team for nationals but most of those 6 riders have plenty of experience with racing at nationals before so they know the intensity it takes to compete at this level. As a Mix 1 alumni I know the philosophy of team to spend lots of time riding and training together is a high team value and one that they believe is part of the model for their success. But any master rider knows that much of this dream to succeed at racing and go to nationals would not be possible without the support of their families and all of the acrobatics some of these riders have to do to get training in. Rider Dan Schmatz says "when I'm on my bike I'm 100% training, every minute is utilized for the goal". Unless you are a master racer with a family you might not be able to appreciate how difficult this can be to get you team to this level and then travel many states away to compete with your teammates and for some with the family.

Eugene Palumbo won the masters world's TT at the end of 2010 and is leading out 45 plus TTT squad at the Haystack Mountain TT event this spring.

Good luck Mix 1 and Rio Grande, Vics, Westside other teams from Colorado rolling up to Bend to compete for their piece of medal.

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