Yeti Cycles Responds to Mike West incident

Yeti sponsored pro rider suspended by Yeti following illegal trail riding incident near Boulder

Golden, Colorado—Yeti Cycles has announced the suspension of professional team rider, Mike West following an incident in Boulder, Colorado earlier this month.

West was cited by the City of Boulder on March 19th for allegedly riding on an illegal trail on Flagstaff Mountain. Yeti Cycles learned of the incident yesterday and responded by immediately suspending West. "Yeti Cycles is strongly opposed to riding on illegal trails and takes this issue very seriously," said Steve Hoogendoorn, Vice President of Yeti Cycles. "We have talked to Mike and informed him he has been suspended from our team pending further investigation."

West received two tickets for the incident and will be arraigned in Boulder Municipal Court on April 12. After legal proceedings against West are complete, Yeti Cycles will determine their relationship with the National Championship winning rider.

Yeti Cycles is a high-end mountain bike company based in Golden, Colorado. The company has over twenty-five years of experience in racing and product development and is known for its cutting-edge mountain bikes.

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Take it easy on Mike West

Ok, I get it, he rode an illegal trail. I'm not an advocate of illegal trail riding, but this is being blown out of proportion. He's certainly not the only person to have ridden (or hiked) an illegal trail. On the scale of bad things someone can do, this ranks close to zero. It was unfortunate timing w/ the West TSA debate, but certainly no one would have heard about it otherwise.

And Yeti - you're going to investigate this issue? Really? I can't wait to hear what comes of your pending investigation of Mike West...

Good point, calling the pot black?

Good point.

Yes, it was illegal but in legal terms not that bad
Yes, the timing was terrible (but part of me believes this was framed to some extent by Open space)

But how many of us have ridden 2 or 3 abreast while cars pass? I think this happens every Tuesday in Boulder
How many have ridden with no tail light or head light on their bikes past dusk?
How many stop at stop signs?

What was done was stupid and so are all of the other items above, it was the timing that was most critical. If the city was hot and heavy on cyclist running stop signs that month then you'd better not run a stop sign (for that matter never do). Likewise, it was a bad month to pouch illegal trails.

Mike has been turned into a political pariah.

Granted, what he did was wrong, but considering that there are probably dozens of hikers, runners, dog walkers and climbers poaching illegal trails every day, I think the one-sided vilification of him by the public/media to be pretty sad.
As an example: I looking over the fence at Boulder Falls the other day, and two climbers emerged from the trail, blatantly poaching the area's seasonal closure, and stepped over the chain gate in front of a handful of tourists as if they hadn't a care in the world. Why aren't their names and faces plastered all over the newspapers and television?