Message from Yvonne at ACA on licenses

From the ACA

There seems to be some confusion about what riders/clubs need to do now that ACA has become the local association for USAC. Since the club council needs to approve the ACA budget and fee schedule at the Dec 14th meeting, I can’t give you specifics about that. I can, however, explain what you and your team members need to do to get licensed for the 2012 season.

Your club needs to become a USAC club.

- If you are not a current USAC club you will need to download the club form
- If you are a current USAC club, you can renew online.

Either way, your club should sign up with USAC before your club members apply for their license. If your club is not a 2012 club when a rider applies for their license, they will be listed as Unattached. If that person wants to get a new license with the club name on it, the person will need to apply for a new license and pay an additional $15. Clubs can join USAC now for the 2012 season.

Your current 2011 ACA license is valid through the remainder of the ACA CX season. You do not need a 2011 USAC license for the remaining events on our calendar, including ACA CX Championships.

All ACA 2011 CX races are being uploaded to the USAC website, so all of our CX results will be part of the ranking system as it relates to USAC Nationals Call-ups. They are not completely done with this process yet, but it should be completed soon. Riders planning on attending CX Nationals need to register by Dec. 28th and must have a 2012 USAC license to pick up their packet (juniors need to account for the mail-in process for the junior release – allow 1 week).

USAC has taken the ACA membership list and assigned a USAC license number to ACA members that currently do not belong to USAC. They did this so your category will reflect your 2011 ACA license and therefore you will not need to start out as a category

That being said, if your current ACA license has you listed as a “1”, you will need to go through the USAC upgrade process and ask the USAC Regional Director, George Heagerty, for an upgrade. I cannot do Category 1 upgrades - sorry.

You all have received emails from USAC. At the bottom of your email is your USAC license number – please verify that it matches your existing number. If you are joining USAC for the first time, follow the steps to create a new account – be sure to use the newly assigned USAC License number.

Hopefully the above will answer some of your questions. As soon as the ACA Annual Meeting is over, I will be able to give you more information on what the 2012 season will be like for you.

In the meantime, I appreciate your patience during this transition period.

Happy Holidays to all of you,

Yvonne van Gent

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