Mesa State College moves from Club to Varsity Sport

USA Cycling named Mesa State College of Grand Junction Team of the Month for December. Their step from being a club sport to a varsity sport was a difficult task and is starting to show some rewards by picking up 2nd at Track Nationals. Anyone who had participated on a college cycling team at the majority of colleges in the USA know the slap-in-the-face attention you get from the school let alone the athletics department, the total lack of respect the cycling teams get by not being considered a sport but added to the other college clubs like the renaissance fair club. By having the team be a varsity sport gives them more finacial support like having a coach/director sportif and equipment. Learn more about Mesa State College's Team of the Month Award and learn more about their cycling team. Next time your college ask you as a alumni to donate to them, tell them you'd be happy to donate some money to their varsity cycling team... saves me a lot of money.

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