Tips for Bike to Work Day on June 27th

With Bike to Work Day coming up on June 27th, check out this great article from the Cyclist Lawyer, Megan Hottman: Tips for Bike Commuting

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As Bike to Work Day (BTWD approaches here in Denver, I thought I would share some of the tips and tricks I learned from my years of commuting to work in various cities:

1. Be willing to swim against the stream. In 2004-2006 I was commuting from the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas into the heart of downtown Kansas City, MO -and the courthouse where I worked still allowed people to smoke INSIDE the courthouse. Needless to say, rolling in on a bike wearing spandex raised LOTS of eyebrows and I was met with much resistance. "Why would you ride to work when you can drive?" they'd ask me. I just kept at it -and eventually people came to accept my "odd habit" and then came to expect it- "why didn't you ride in today," they'd ask when they'd see me drive. You can make people into believers -even if initially they are skeptical. Lead by example. You'll be amazed at the impact your example can have on others.

[Once I moved to Colorado, I was commuting from Lakewood to the Courthouse in Golden -of course cycling was widely accepted here, but I still got some looks of curiousity as I'd wheel my bike through security into the elevator each morning and into our office. After that job, I commuted from Lakewood to Boulder (I'd drive 1/2way to Arvada and ride the rest, which still made for a 50-mile round trip ride). This job luckily had a shower in our building and I could stow my bike in my office. I was always blessed with understanding -and patient- bosses, who allowed me a bit of leeway to do this].

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