Mead-Roubaix Video Preview

Below is a description of the Mead Roubaix course by rider Chad Totaro

A few weeks back a few of us from the team rode out from Boulder to preview the Mead Roubaix road race course. The race isn’t for a couple of months but it was a good way to get in 4+ hours of riding while also getting excited about the first big road race. This road race is replacing the Boulder Roubaix race and it is actually a very different race, so in my opinion it is just taking its place on the calendar. The only similarity is that there are some dirt sections but very different terrain.

The course is long and after 2 laps I was getting a little confused as to where I was in relation to the start finish, it all sort of looks the same. The dirt sections are going to be very hard, they are very open and exposed and straight as a arrow with some elevation change – think of Deer Trail Road Race but on dirt ( for those whom know Deer Trail). It will for sure be a hard mans race, a serious power course, no where to hide and pure power. Although I am not sure we got the finish totally right but we were close as Mead only has a few streets in the downtown. It will for sure be a super fun finish with a real fast downhill dirt section that transitions onto pavement while still heading downhill for a 2k into a right hand turn and then onto Main Street for the sprint. Big open race course with a nice little downtown finish.

I think this race will blow to bits and the race will be decided from a select group, good handling skills on the dirt and the ability to suffer up the first dirt hill will for sure help the racer make the decisive move.

Have you ridden the new course? Tell us how you think it will go down or how the course is Add to the comments below

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I rode this on presidents

I rode this on presidents day and it was 19 and windy. Despite the weather, I loved the course that day. Very different from both Boulder Roubaix courses and a bit like the Cat Eye in sections. The roller dirt sections are sketchy in some places and especially at transitions from dirt descending to dirt climbing. The worst was the dirt climb on CR7. Loose gravel, sandy dirt and washboard. Don't let that smooth looking shoulder fool you, it was like quicksand. I snapped a saddle on CR 7 in the dirt washboard. This race will not disappoint. Throw some moisture into this race and it will go from "Hellish" to "Pure Hell".

Rode the course yesterday

The description above is spot on. The course has some tricky washboard sections and several climbs with really loose gravel and only one good line (if that). At times I thought I was on a cross course. I don't know if spring moisture will help compact the loose stuff or not, but either way it is going to be a good test of bike handling skills. The paved sections, as mentioned above, are fast and straight. Wind could play a huge factor in this race.

Thanks for posting video!

Sweet, thanks for posting! Now I don't have to pre-ride, as if it'll make a difference!? I think in between the loose gravel sections, the probable Flanders-like winds, and lots of flat tires, race will be shattered. I'll do what I do in road races, get popped and wait for Cat 4 women to catch me.

Pre-ride Mead Roubaix

My advice is that is you can find time you will want to pre-ride the course. The video does not do it justce. The last couple weekends have been vey rough and there is really only one line in a couple of critical sections. Overlapping wheels on he dirt will be disastrous. Be prepared to ride single file if the center line rule is strict and eat some some dust.

Dirt Sectors

Sector 5 County Road 36 West 1.76km **** Loose, washboard, soft shoulder

Sector 4 County Road 3 North 3.22km * Compact, fast gravel

Sector 3 County Road 40 West 1.56km *** Loose, washboard, soft shoulder

Sector 2 County Road 3 South 1.70km *** Washboard, soft shoulder, rocky

Sector 1 County Road 7 South 3.66km ***** Loose, very rocky, washboard, long steady climb from pavement continuing on the dirt.


Lotsa dogs running around out there, good sized ones too. A decent sized Pit Bull (on CR-3) charging our group added to the excitement.

Consider bringing an extra water bottle or something else to use as a deterrent.

I rode this last Sunday. The

I rode this last Sunday. The big hill has a fast downhill first and is very loose. Fishtailing will cause a lot of crashes if you push it there. Same goes for climbing the big dirt hill. Very soft dirt. It was windy that day and while on that hill, the wind blew a heavy piece of plastic into my rear derailleur causing it to be locked up and destroyed it. Almost ruined the hangar (bent but fixable) and frame. Mead-Roubaix claimed its first victim even before the race started. Scratch one Dura Ace rear derailleur.

I would say that it will just get softer and more dangerous if we get no rain/snow close to race day.

CX Bike

Brilliant, but a CX bike wont make a difference if people around you are folding under their own bikes....sheesh! How about go wide and drill it through these sections for some decent advice?!