Chris McGee & Aaron Bouplon on 2014

Aaron's right, cycling should be FUN. If you don't know how to make your comments count than learn again

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It doesn't really matter. It

It doesn't really matter. It was just hypocritical as all hell and I was just pointing it out.

As to your other points, you're exactly right. I may or may not be named Fred (okay, I'm not).

I'm pretty sure that Rick James, Miss Manners, Sir Racealot, and many others weren't the posters' real names.

dude you seriously don't get

dude you seriously don't get it. downvoting to oblivion doesn't stop sites like reddit from being hostile communities full of bullies, trolls and hazing, and it's not going to fix anything here, either. you either remove comments entirely or moderate the site properly with IP trace and static identities / logins or else comments here will continue to be a liability more than an asset to the site.

with respect Kris, the fact

with respect Kris, the fact that YOU won't register to contribute content to a site has very little bearing on whether others will or not. There are thousands of user-subscribed hobby forums out there that contradict your opinion on this. My point below about "social capital" means that people who subscribe under a static alias (assuming the site is correctly set up with some kind of simple traceability to prevent sockpuppets from forming) will generally self-regulate to prevent being banned / ostracized.

again, with all due respect, I submit the following:

again, with

the ACA forum was already

the ACA forum was already dying a slow painful death, it was simply put out of its misery.

There are a number of legitimate reasons why people would want to post either anonymously or (preferaby) via a handle attached to a login account, and largely these reasons do not have to do with being a troll. Examples include: maintaining a degree of separation between work / social life / hobbies, stalking/bullying, or simply having the bad luck to be female / a minority and having your words dismissed simply because of that (this happens far more often than I think anyone cares to admit). If you look at social media like Twitter, there are legit aliases (@angryasian / James Huang comes to mind) who've been well regarded internet presences for decades and would prefer to use that alias / handle anywhere they're contributing content, as the alias has a considerable amount of social capital and history behind it, even though the actual identity of the person behind it has never been a secret.

The ACA forum died because of

The ACA forum died because of the lack of anonymity, not even screen names. As you said, there are lots of reasons folks want to post anonymously, many of them very legit. The ACA forum wouldn't allow it, so it saw less and less traffic until it withered and died.

A Grasshopper's Perspective

I want to reply to two comments . . .


"Will be interesting to see how the new E.D. responds to people that disagree..."

Dissent can be healthy. But there is an important difference between an individual that provides occasional but valuable criticism and one that has turned bitching into a full time job. In that video, I think Boups signaled that he knows the difference between the two.

So rather than wondering about how the E.D. will respond, let's hope that “Anonymous” spends some time thinking about what was said and whether or not he’s having fun and helping others to do the same.


“Boups has a lot of positive energy”

I am a new guy; new to racing and new to cross. People like me can be considered an inconvenience or the future of the sport.

Several weeks ago, after I requested a voluntary upgrade from SM5 and held my own in my first weekend of SM4 racing, I opened my email that Monday morning to find a congratulatory email from Aaron (whom I don’t know, he had my email because I emailed him a question before the Cross Classic which he organized). After weeks of listening to “Anonymous” tell me that my races didn’t matter, I found it encouraging that Boups cared enough about my lowly SM5 to SM4 progression to send me an ‘attaboy.’ A few days after that, BRAC selected him as the E.D.

I think the selection committee chose wisely.

Good luck, Boups, most of us are here to help and have fun. Cheers!