Chris McGee & Aaron Bouplon on 2014

Aaron's right, cycling should be FUN. If you don't know how to make your comments count than learn again

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There are any number of

There are any number of reasons why someone would want to post anonymously. To arbitrarily discount, or worse yet, ignore a comment just because it was submitted anonymously is a very bad idea. The comments should be judged on their merits, not whether the commenter gave their name.

Yes we could... but what does it buy us?

It would solve our spam problem which is good but would it solve the anonymity of users, no. Take your comment, you put in the name of "I'm a web genious" That doesn't change anything. Worse, it would cut back on comments. I never comment on sites that require registration.

Registered or not, you can still post something stupid, that doesn't go away... maybe we reduce the stupid comments because we put up a barrier to comment. Why not just vote down stupid comments or look past them?

I'm open to suggestions and opinions


and this matters HOW? C'mon.

and this matters HOW? C'mon. This is a site that does not track / log IP or require any sort of static identity / login or even a legit email confirmation. You can respond as ANYONE and you can change your credentials for every single post, or just respond as Anon. It's pretty much anarchy.

I mean I could post as Boups himself (I'm not, and I won't, because I'm not a jerk and I think Boups is a stand-up guy) but you see the potential for abuse here, right?