Masters clean up at Lookout Mountain

Nico leads Kevin up Lookout Mountain
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Vampire Riders Nico Toutenhoofd and Kevin Nicol, both racing for Hotel San Jose-Mellow Johnny's, and are both over 40, took 1 and 2 in the Lookout Mountain Hill Climb. All of the top 9 places were over 30 except for Robin Eckmann coming in at 18.

In the women's field the story was pretty much the same story with the top 2 over 40 and 4th place eclipsing those with 53 years of age.

ACA Lookout Mountain Results

While it is no doubt impressive what these athletes can accomplish at their age it's also interesting to wonder, where's the youth? Does hill climbing take that much experience? Has road cycling lost it's attraction to our youth or is our region so well stacked with amazing masters that youth who could compete against them are already on pro teams and racing around the country and world? I am voting for the later.... these guys can't easily pack there bags and leave their families to go race the Gila like so many other young Boulder stars are now.

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Where was Tom Danielson last

Where was Tom Danielson last weekend? oh yeah, Gila. Who else should we exclude from the "young guys" club so that the masters can maintain their stance that they are the best in Colorado?

Fact is Lookout will NEVER get coverage in any cycling publication because it's a meaningless race. It falls on the same date as arguably the best NRC stage race within driving distance of the Denver/Boulderites. The serious Colorado racers will head to the Gila that weekend.

Yes, I know the old guys are fast. Extremely fast here in Colorado. Just look at the CX national results. However, this article gives the impression that the masters racers dominate the P12 field in HCs, while it may be true as the season unfolds, the Lookout race is a poor example due to the scheduling conflict with the much, much bigger race in Gila.

Yes it's a story....

Kris has thrown out a question worth discussing. Discussion isn't the same as getting all huffy, by the way.

The fact is that America has some great young racers. They are on the rosters of America's greatest pro teams based in Europe and have names like Farrar, Stetina, Van Garderen, etc. We also have great young racers based here in America that hit the top event circuit on teams like United HealthCare, Bahati, and more. Then we have racers who are more local but are willing to stretch a bit and tackle the competition at semi-elite events like Gila. And then we have racers who show up at Lookout and demonstrate that even if they don't travel nationally they're pretty "f"'in tough. Feel free to challenge Nico and Kevin up that hill, I dare you. Or maybe you'd prefer to follow Moninger, Everend or Hodgkins uphill, all of whom are 45+ (Ned is 55+ I believe since we raced together as Cat 3-4 in early 80s)

The question isn't whether there are better climbers/racers than these local guys, there are. Contador comes to mind. The question Kris at 303 is posing is whether it is meaningful that the old guys can continue to dominate these events locally. If youth is supposed to be the future, aren't there any local talents to challenge them? Was everybody really somewhere else? Maybe they just didn't like this race format so didn't come? Or maybe the older riders are really the bat of those who decide to stay and race locally?

Discussion is a great thing, don't screw it up with a bunch of pissy statements to protect an unsupported position.