Are Master Cyclists Faster than you?

Sundays "A" field results look like a 40+ masters field, right? A fluke maybe, well look at the last "A" field results and it looks pretty similar.

I apologize for not doing this story justice by not going into great depth but isn't it amazing that many of the fast guys in Colorado are over 35 years of age?

Let's name drop here for a moment

  • Tim Faia
  • Chuck Coyle
  • Scott Moninger
  • Dirk Friel
  • Coby Pearce
  • Nico Toutenhofd
  • Kevin Nicol
  • Jeffrey Hartman
  • Jonathan Baker
  • Brandon Dwight
  • Peter Webber
  • Jon Cariveau
  • Dan Schmatz

There are probably at least 10 more names that could be added

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