Lyon's Fat Tire Festival coming this weekend

Fruita, Moab, Crested Butte and many more have Fat Tire Festivals and now so will Lyons Colorado! Started back in 2001 as a simple house warming party is now turning into the next big bike festival on the east side of the divide. This year the founder of Lyon's Fat Tire Festival will be joining forces with BMA (Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance and Oskar Blues to kick off will be a fun weekend of Biking. Saturday will be filled with group MTB rides but sign up soon because each ride has a cap of 20 riders!

Here is what is known about the schedule of events

  • Friday Bike Polo (grass polo for you picky polo folks)
  • Saturday is filled with group rides to various locations
  • Poker Ride to Heil/Hall Ranch

Interested in camping or overnighting in a bed check out the details on lodging and camping

Want more information, try emailing Dave or visit the website or call 303.823.5810

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rain and trails

Hey Bubbabillybob. You should come ride and have a chill beer with us in Lyons. One of the beautiful things about where we'll be doing 100% of our riding is that it will all be on remote forest roads and trails that are rocky and sandy enough that they generally do better with rain. I rode Monday and Tuesday on forest terrain with zero damage. Come and check it out. When it's rainy this time of year, you have to be a well educated user and just know where to go. :)