City of Lyons is getting a Bike Park

Looks like Lyons Colorado is on its way to having a bike park real soon. As shown in the photo work is actively happening right now from some sweet plans that have already been laid out. The new park is located right next to Bohn Park See Map. The goal is to have this park completed in time for Lyons Outdoor Games June 12-14th. Read more about the progress of the Lyons Bike Park

What is in store for the new Bike Park

ROLLERS - A BMX-ish set of widely spaced rollers to get your pump/manual/jump on. I plan to use it as a return line. And transfer to the tabletops. Jon Watt will show us all what’s possible there.

TABLETOPS - Three pairs of mathematically perfect jumps. The larger line should flow perfectly together, rhythm style. The smaller line will have some flat space to collect yourself. I expect people like Nick to jump in and out of the slalom course.

SLALOM - We all love Sea Otter speed and huge 180 berms, but this area is flat, and very few riders can generate speed in 180s. I settled on consistent 90-degree corners with highly pump-able, yet tricky, features in between. We will be hauling mail! I have a few optional lines planned for later.

TRICK JUMPS - This was tricky. We wanted to hold the Lyons Outdoor Games DJ contest in this area, but we didn’t want to eat up space with huge jumps that almost nobody can ride. The solution: Build permanent small step-up/trick jumps with huge landings. These will be pretty tame but super fun. During the LOG, Brian from Yellow Designs will place temporary wooden launch ramps. The pros can go as huge as they want during the event; they rest of us can have fun the rest of the year.

PUMP TRACK - What a treat, to use modern pump track technology in a public park. This track has a fast outside loop with a figure 8/180 crossover section in the middle. And consider the connectivity options with the …

NATURAL TERRAIN LOOP - The Pyramid will let people climb and descend smooth or rocky lines. The Ziggurat lets riders climb and descend a series of ramps or ledges. The end straight teaches true Trail Fu — beginners will noodle around the rock piles; experts will rip the berms and pump straight over the rocks.

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