Boulder vs. Portland's single speed category

For awhile I thought single speed racing in Colorado was gaining popularity but last week's results and comparing it to Portland's number makes me wonder what is going on. When comparing participation numbers of the single speed category between Portland's Cross Crusade Series and the Boulder Series the numbers are dramatically different.

Oct 5, 2008, Cross Crusade #1 = 103 finishers!
Sep 26, 2009, Boulder Series #1 = 5 finishers

What are your thoughts?

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When racing stops being fun, it's not fun. . .

I think what we're seeing in this discussion is that people that really don't like racing bikes are letting everyone know that they don't like racing because it is not fun for them. On the other hand, people that like racing bikes have fun doing it because they like it. Most enlightening!

I'm sure whether you race cross in Portland, Boulder, or Kentucky it really hurts while you do it, and you probably smile afterwards. I don't think a specific number of people need to race in costumes to make it a fun race (although I like costumes!).

The real question is do people that like RACING bikes perceive a problem with our races or the single speed category?

I am not on the bandwagon,

I am not on the bandwagon, more is better, more SS, more racers, more spectators....

I for one would not want to deal with thousands of people at Interlocken, Bear Creek Elem School, Louisville Rec Ctr.... Boulder Res and a few other venues could handle it ok, but most venues would be a cluster f.

Good for Portland for having over a 1000 people show up and race.

IMHO Colorado has a racing culture that has evolved from the hard work and dedication of many over the years, to name a few, Yvonne Van Gent, Beth Estes, Andy Rosen, Jon Tarkington, Chris Grealish, Dean Crandall, Sheri Barr. Organizers, Promoters, legislators, people who have stuck with it year after year shaping the culture and trying to meet the needs of the participants.

From the Red Zinger to where we are today.

Cross is nothing new although it is certainly enjoying a renaissance. Anyone remember when Chris Grealish promoted the National Championships outstide the CU events center?