Incidents with the Killer of Lefthand Canyon cyclist grows

The recent article on the Fatality of cyclist in Lefthand Canyon has caused others to point out their own incidents with this guy. It is becoming very clear that this incident was not his first or second serious confrontation with cyclists.

ElevationOutdoors reports of 2 cyclist getting into a fight with Lovan back in 2003.

He then demanded Loven exit the truck, which he did. The pair continued their argument and Mohan eventually threw a punch, hitting Loven in the face.

“At that point, he proceeded to beat the shit out of me,” Mohan says. “The guy’s 6’3?, 220 lbs!”

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maybe because cyclists are all over the road and most don't heed any safety etiquette at all? Rules of the road are rules of the road, I ride bikes as well, but take a drive up there on a Saturday, half of these riders act as if they own the road and show no respect at all. IMO it goes both ways.

WTF is wrong with you? Are

WTF is wrong with you? Are you really saying that irresponsible behavior by unrelated cyclists at a time unrelated to the circumstances around the death this year in Lefthand canyon justifies an easy sentence for Loven?

Go take a long walk on a short pier asshole.