Longmont Mayor's bike is taken out by power line

Full story from the TimesCall

A pickup veered off Hygiene Road on Tuesday afternoon, struck a power pole and loosened a power line that snagged a bicycle atop the car of Longmont Mayor Dennis Coombs, who was traveling behind the pickup.

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Proof you have a good mayor...

When you see a city leader on camera wearing cycling clothing and they utter the words, "I was actually more concerned about my bike than my car," you can be rest assured that all is right in your city. It's like Batman standing over Gotham City...with a power-line caught in his mtn. bike.

he had fallen asleep at the wheel

According to Trooper Anthony Tarantino of Colorado State Patrol, a white Toyota Tacoma traveling east veered off the south side of the road and struck a power pole at about 1:30 p.m.

Jim Wright, who was doing maintenance work at a nearby church, said he heard a thud and then a grinding sound.

"I came running out when I heard the crash and the grinding," he told the Times-Call.

He said he checked on the driver of the truck and that "there wasn't a scratch on him." He said the man told him that he had fallen asleep at the wheel.

"At least he hit an inanimate object," Coombs said.