Little Bellas Beti Bike Bash Camp for Girls

Photo Credit: Raj Chawla

Ever wonder how people become amazing at something? Maybe it’s talent, maybe it’s genetics (I use this one a lot when I am envious of other’s cardio), and of course tons of hard work. But sometimes it has something to do with the other people in their lives. The ones that cared enough to make time for them as a kid, the ones that drove them to practice or paid their team fees. Maybe it is partially genetics and a whole lot of hard work but generally when we see greatness we are also seeing the other people in that person’s life that helped make it happen. Little Bella’s is kind of like that. It’s an opportunity for your daughter to ride with trained coaches and to interact with women who are professional cyclists. But more than that it’s an opportunity for you to be a star in your daughter’s life; to be the one that signs her up and gets her there with her bike, helmet, sunscreen and a lunch.

Little Bellas second stop on their 2013 tour will be at the Beti Bike Bash at Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood June 1st and 2nd. The camp is all day (9-3 p.m.) on both Saturday and Sunday. Doing one day is an option but I would highly recommend both days as building confidence is like a savings account, the more time you put into it, the greater the return. The camp is for girls ages 8-14 and the cost of the camp includes the race entry fee should they choose to do the kid’s race (optional, not mandatory). Each girl will receive a goodie bag, snacks and a Specialized/Primal jersey.

Little Bellas is the brainchild of Sabra and Lea Davison and they’ve put a lot of thought into what it takes to get a girl hooked on mountain biking. They work on skills, building confidence and having fun. They also teach the basics of bike maintenance. But I don’t think it’s just about the sport. It’s about learning to parlay that physical confidence into other areas of their lives.

Author: Cheri Felix

The best way I can end this is with a quote from Lea Davison:
"My mountain bike career began when a friend in high school urged my sister, Sabra, and I to try mountain biking. We were then encouraged to jump in our local Wednesday night race series and we were hooked. Beti Bike Bash is the perfect first race opportunity. This race caters to all different levels from the first timer to the seasoned pro. Helping to accomplish this goal, the Little Bellas is putting on a mountain biking skills camp for younger girls with the aim to get girls to fall in love with cycling. Sabe and I wished we had the opportunity to ride and learn from pros when we started riding, and this is one of the main reasons we started Little Bellas. So, if your daughter needs some encouragement to hop on a bike, sign up for the Little Bellas camp. We aim to send her home at the end of the day with a smile, new found mountain bike skills and a pat on the back from a national champion, world champion, or Olympian. We think that is the best approach.”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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