The Beti Bike Bash & the Little Bellas Camp: A Chance for Your Daughter to Ride with the Pros!

The Beti Bike Bash is an all women mountain bike race. This year will be the third annual race and will take place on Sunday, June 10th in Lakewood at Bear Creek Lake Park. Team Yeti Beti puts the race on and they encourage all women to go out and give the race a try. The Beti Bike Bash is a great place for the woman who is a first time racer as well as for the more experienced and competitive mountain biker. It is a supportive, fun and inspiring event. Colorado is
so fortunate to host this race. There is also a cash purse for the women’s pro race-thanks to Stan’s NoTubes. Registration is open until June 8th.

It only makes sense that the Little Bellas would choose the Beti Bike Bash for a stop on their national tour. Little Bellas is an organization committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, improving skills and having fun on bikes for young girls. Among other things, they work to build the girl’s self confidence in a fun, supportive and constructive environment. The Little Bellas will hold a two day camp in conjunction with the Beti Bike Bash. The camp will be capped out at 25 girls in order to insure a perfect coach: girl ratio.

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Here are some FAQ’s about Little Bellas:

Q: What pros will be helping with the camp?

A: Amy Dombroski, Heather Irminger & Mary McConneloug will all be working with the girls.

Q: My daughter is new to mountain biking. Will this camp be appropriate for her?

A: Yes! This camp is designed for girls new to the sport as well as for the girls who are more comfortable and knowledgeable. All levels are welcome!

Q: What will be covered during the camp?

A: Bike skills, basic bike knowledge (naming the bike parts) and trail etiquette will be covered. But they will get so much more! They will play games, race and ride the trails. They will have an opportunity that many of us adult women would have killed for as a young girl; a fun, supportive and encouraging environment with athletic and talented women who are super inspiring. It will be a great opportunity to bond and to see that it’s cool to be a girl who likes to ride on dirt.

Q: Does my daughter have to do both days or can we pick one?

A: Your choice! But there is no doubt that in this case, two days are better than one. The more time that the girls have with the other girls and the pros, the more opportunity to raise their confidence and up their skill level. There will be a progression in skill learning but one day is better than none.

Q: Will the girls be a part of the race?

A: There will be a race for girls ages 8-14 at 11:45 (on Sunday) after the pro start. The race fee will be included in the camp fee. If the girls are not in the camp, they will need to register and pay the $30.00 race fee. The girls will do a modified 3 mile race course.

Registration closes for Little Bellas June 2nd at midnight. Don’t miss this very cool opportunity to give your daughter an experience she won’t forget.

Little Bellas details:

Camp dates: June 9th & 10th

Time: 9-3 p.m.

Cost: 1 day $85.00 2 days: $150.00

Ages: 8-14

Snacks will be provided but girls should bring a lunch. Goodie bags are included which have cool treats including a Specialized jersey and gifts from sponsors. All girls should have closed toe shoes, a helmet, water and sunscreen.

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