Local Business Highlight - Leg Lube

303Cycling will start a new weekly/bi-monthly series highlighting local cycling businesses in the 303 area. Want to be highlight? It's simple, create a brief elevator speech (like Leg Lube has done) and email it to me at kris at 303cycling dot com. A photo of you, your product or business is strongly encouraged!

LEG LUBE® Founder & President, Austin Baskett, is probably a lot like many of you – a competitor but not a professional.

In 1989 his passion for cycling was brought to a new level after he and a friend biked 5,000 miles down the West coast and across the United States. Since then, he has been an avid cyclist, marathoner and triathlete participating and competing in a multitude of events. It was during this time when he started to notice that there weren’t any products specifically formulated to take care of an athlete’s legs.
"I was participating in all of these events and noticed that everyone around me had shaved legs but there weren't any products being sold by shops that addressed leg care. It seemed like an interesting opportunity." Said Baskett.

Pair that insight with his experience developing products for the beauty industry (V.P. of Marketing for American Crew, Modern Organic Products, d:fi and others) and the result is LEG LUBE® – the first brand dedicated to caring for athletes legs. The company launched its first product, LEG LUBE® Performance Shave Gel, in June and has received positive reviews from Bicycling Magazine, Slowtwitch.com and others.
"We formulated the product to be unique. One of the coolest things about our shave gel is that you can shave in-or-out of the shower with it. I don't know of any other product that you can do this with." Said Baskett. "We also designed the scent to appeal to both men and women and to travel easily. The packaging is TSA approved and won't leak which is great for many athletes."

“Performance is at the core of everything that we do. Great ingredients delivering an awesome user experience." Said Baskett. "It is really gratifying to see so many people loving the product and that has been our goal from the start."
LEG LUBE® Performance Shave Gel can be purchased online or at many running, cycling and multisport shops throughout Colorado. Visit leglube.com to find the closest retailer near you.

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