Mountain motorist meet again with cyclist

DailyCamera got to report on another super secret meeting that is being held between mountain residents (mostly lefthand canyon area) and cyclist. Read the Full Story

The meeting apparently is to help relieve tensions between motorist and cyclist that has grown over the summer. Some of the comments that made the paper were very interesting.

"How do you pitch this use of county resources when there's people who equate safer roads with more cyclists?" asked Joe Ryan, who lives near Ward. "There's people who would just assume you make it harder to ride up there."

But Tara Schoedinger, a cyclist and member of the Jamestown Village Board, said bikers need to keep in mind that if they don't ride responsibly, it may not be safer -- even with improved conditions.

and this one... are cyclist really that bad on that road?

Several cyclists in the group said they are seeing a push for more self-policing as cyclists realize that "bad apples" may ruin canyon riding for everyone. Some cyclists fear Boulder County could follow Jefferson County's lead and ban cyclists from some canyons, a move county officials said is not on the table.

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Motorists are bad when they

Motorists are bad when they assume they own the road. So are cyclists. Cyclists who think the laws don't apply to them, likewise.

The percentage of cyclists in this latter category is way way up there. The percentage of motorists is much lower - very few cars blow stopsigns without looking, ride in the middle of the road at 30 mph below the posted speed limit, etc. These laws apply to all vehicles for a very good reason - they make it safer for us to ride (just as much as the 3 foot rule does).

If you wouldn't do it in your car ... please don't do it on your &#%$# bike.

cyclists in this category way up there?

Sad to hear yet another generalization about a specific group of people. In this case, cyclists. Full disclosure I'm a cyclist AND a driver. I also read books, eat sushi and watch movies.

When I drive, I often pay attention to cyclists, specifically to see how many of them are acting inappropriately, out of my own curiosity. Honestly, it's a very small percentage. Granted, that small percentage can be extremely irritating (just like the small percentage of driver's that drive aggressively).

I just don't see where this generalization comes from that a "large percentage" of cyclists disobey the law. I hear this every time this topic comes up. I just don't see it, even when I look for it.

I see cars weaving in and out and cutting people off every day on my 5-minute drive to work. Even though I see this inconsiderate behavior daily, I don't believe that a majority of drivers are jerks. Just a few bad apples.

Bottom line: A small percentage of any group of people are inconsiderate to others. Regardless of whether they are bikers, drivers, bookworms, or movie-watching sushi-eaters.

Making generalizations about one group being worse than the other seems more like an emotional statement, rather than productive dialogue to ease tension between the two groups.

everyone should be considerate

I don't think cyclists should ignore the law, and nor should drivers. But part of the problem, regardless of what side of this silly little argument you are on, is that people in America are in such a rush. Even in Boulder County.

Do I like it when cyclists block the lane and I have to slow down? Not at all. But really, do we need to be in such a rush?

This society is one where if someone (a biker, walker, another driver, a cute puppy) slows you down, even for 2 seconds, we lay on the horn and accelerate aggressively by the person.

Doesn't anyone (cyclists or drivers) see a problem with this??? I don't mean to sound all hippie'd out, but it's not a healthy way to live. Relax, be patient and considerate of each other.

And smile dammit, the Front Range is a beautiful place.