Racing didn't end yesterday

Do you still have the need to race? It's not over yet! The Leadville Cloud City Wheelers Club will be hosting a winter mountain bike race series starting Jan 17th... so ypu do get one week off...

...unless you are signed up, certified and belong to a league because the Boulder Velodrome starts their league races this Monday!

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This is all I know

Found it on this page

Still there is a lot unknown, especially if you've never ridden track before. Their website claims there will be racing taking place this week so it is true then probably watching a few races will clear up all mysteries. I'll look into watching a race this week (if they have happening) and I'll report back.....

Separate note, if you take the 6 week classes then they will explain what all of the racing is... this is my plan on how to learn the racing.

Lastly, might want to monitor the forums to see if chatter on this starts up...or feel free to pose the first question on this.