Which type of law broken by cyclists is the worst?

Blowing a stop sign
Wrong way on on a one-way
Rolling 3 abreast in a group ride
Total votes: 297


do we really "blow" stop signs?

okay, that sounded nasty. But seriously is slow rolling w/ out officially stopping (identical to most cars btw) considered "blowing"? Obeying the correct right of way @ a stop sign is paramount rather than coming to "zero mph" officially. However, if I do "blow" a stop sign (9th & Balsam perhaps?) there is no chance of any car in sight AND if I do get a ticket will gladly pay & not argue for a second

"Wrong way on on a one-way"- is it desolated middle of the night scene where I have an "exit strategy" and will defer to right of way in a sober instant? No problem. Am I a courier in the 90's rushing a package the wrong way down M st in NW WDC during dusk rush hour? That was pretty dumb.

"Rolling 3 abreast in a group ride" - probably my most fun activity of the bunch, but the one I voted for. I've been in many groups doing this and driven up on a couple. Once driving (yes I drove, once) to Lyons I came up on 3 cyclists riding 2 by 2. As I approached the rear cyclist rolls up next to the other 2 for a 3 by 3 "group". He didn't look back at all; lucky for all of us no traffic was coming (this was before shoulder improvements).

"Speeding" - really? I would probably post the ticket on 303cycling or have to sign up for Strava.

yeah i realize its not a

yeah i realize its not a popular sentiment right now, strictly fro ma PR perspective, but the idea that its necessary for safety that bikes do any more than observe right of way at intersections is kind of stupid.

if theres somebody there, and they have right of way, yeild, if not, roll on through.

a high school drivers ed level awareness of how right-of-way works will stop literally 100% of accidents, regardless of adhering to traffic control devices that- by and large- are designed without cyclists in mind.

as for drivers who grumble about it, i'm sure none of them commit harmless traffic infractions like rolling stopsigns, or chaging lanes without signalling or passing on the right on the highway, or speeding on the interstate...

if we just operate with a little more awareness of the space around us, and a little more respect for the people with whom we share the road, and a spend a little less energy on judgment, less time arguing about the letter of the law, following arbitrary signage that does NOTHING to increase safety, we'd be just fine.

Cyclists do get tickets for speeding

Did you see the parent story, http://303cycling.com/cycling-crack-down-by-the-law

And I remember a few years ago cops were giving out tickets on the road from NCAR has cyclists were (and some still do) hitting the neighborhood at high speed

I partially agree with the stop sign comment. I have witnessed cyclist completely blowing a stop sign while cars are at the intersection but many including myself I will sometimes roll through a stop sign if no cars are in or near an intersection. Now the speed of "rolling" is subjective

3 abreast

I love to cycle with my friends but we stay aware of how we might affect the traffic around us if we were to ride 2 or 3 side-by-side. I have been put into dangerous situations while driving my car on the rural roads in my community. When you are going 45 or 50 mph out on a two-lane country road and you top a hill to find three riders in the middle of your lane going 15 mph and chatting, oblivious to how it affects anyone else on the road. Add a large truck coming from the opposite direction, and it's time to hit the brakes hard to keep from killing people. This is an inexcusable and inconsiderate action by bike riders in my opinion.