Lance meets with Gov. Ritter on Colorado stage race

Everyone is asking today about Lance's visit yesterday with the Gov and it appears that 9News came up with the best story

"We're part-time residents up here now so just one day riding along, we realized there's no reason that the old Coors Classic doesn't come back and highlight the great young crop of talent that we have right now and the great young crop of talent that's developing in the U.S. I think USA Cycling needs it," Armstrong said.

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Show Me The Money

For a Tour of Cali type Pro Race = $10 Million Budget
PLEASE - Get a sponsor first!

This is the 4th or 5th time in the last decade people have tried to bring back the "good old" Coors Classic type stage race. Lance was tied to the one in Vail a few years ago also. One even had the full course laid out but they where only $3 Million short of the $3 Million budget.

Would be nice, but...