Armstrong wants to bring big racing to Colorado

This is something probably every cyclist in Colorado can agree with Lance on and that is Colorado is ready for hosting a big bike race. He dropped a hint the other day on Twitter when he said, "Had a great conversation with Governor Ritter from Colorado. Working on something. Stay tuned.." Colorado already has some of the nations best bike tours like Ride the Rookies so why not a A quality race? Being born and raised in Missoura I am very surprised that they can successfully host the Tour of Missouri, some of the places that race goes I would NEVER consider riding a bike through for fear of my life and here in Colorado we not only have a very nice terrain for such a bike race but we have a large base of spectators to support such an event. This is one story I look forward to following!

Speaking of Lance and Colorado...

Lance posted this on Facebook yesterday

Sitting here at dinner convincing Levi Leipheimer he needs to do the Leadville 100 this year. Says he's in...

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Please don't say you are

Please don't say you are going to do it UNTIL after you sign a Major Sponsor. We had 3 years of Vail talking smack but NOTHING ever came from it. Same with Tour of New York and Tour of Oregon this year. "Big Pro UCI Races" but no money to run them.
Also Tour of America, Empire Classic, etc...
Big Ideas, but nothing but hot air behind it.


I got to CO in 1995, back then we had BRAC and worked with USAC. We also had national calendar races (Niwot and Bannock we both NRC races in the past). We had real stage races including a couple of big ones in Boulder like The Red River Classic (Pagosa Springs had a stage race too, after Iron Horse). Grand Junction was a huge race weekend in August, with lots of money. We had crit nationals in downtown Denver in 1997. We had real road races that are all gone.

Now under the ACA what do we have? Not a single state race in CO (hell WY has 2 freaking stage races, WY?) More crits, fewer RR's and the ones we have are $40 in places like Hugo. We have 37 different master catagories, so everyone gets a medal. We have more catagories and most of them are a lot smaller.

I think racing in CO has gotten a lot worse in the last 10 years. I do not place the blame 100% on the ACA, but a lot of this started when we left USAC. Becareful what you ask for, you might get it. Racing in CO is still hard, but not on par with southern CA, northern CA, the pacifict northwest, or New England.

More people blogging then

More people blogging then racing?
Totally up to the Pro Promoter to bring in the Money. Doesn't have ANYthing to do with all the other local races being ACA or USCF.

Grand Junction was USCF the last few years. Didn't attract that many people from out of state.

Red River SR only lasted a year due to money.
Saturn Classic/Zinger Grind went away due to money.
Putting on a National Calendar Race is EXPENSIVE.

Hopefully the Steamboat Stage Race will have good turn out. Tour of Willamette in Oregon was cancelled this year due to low turnout. Couldn't get 200 to pre-reg.

CO? --- Follow Up

Dear Anonymous,

1. I have lived with BRAC/ACA since its inception (from the early eighties until now) and unequivocally can state that splitting off from USCF has resulted in a growth for bike racing for ALL age groups and not just for a few elitist like you.

2. Currently ACA and USA Cycling are mutually working to establish a positive and growing relationship. Reason: This in no longer the early eighties. The problems of those yesteryears have diminished and new fresh minds with fresh ideas have come to the fore.

3. As was indicated by the below poster, the lack of stage races has nothing to do with ACA. In fact it also has nothing to do with USA Cycling. Neither of these organizations puts on the races. They just form the “umbrella” under which the racing takes place.

4. Even without stage races, we still have a full racing calendar that caters to ALL categories in ALL age groups and not just to a few elitist like you. Have a look at

5. I would love it if Lance can bring back stage racing to Colorado. I wouldn’t care if it were under the umbrella of ACA, USA Cycling or even under the umbrella of the XYZ Federation. Either way I would be first in line to volunteer my time to help make it happen.

6. Bottom Line:

i. Get your ducks in a row before you voice an opinion.
ii. Get out of Colorado and move to “Southern CA, Northern CA, the Pacific Northwest, or New England” were the racing is so much better for you.