The Ladies of Trestle Bike Park

Tracy Moseley leading surge of women in enduro mountain biking

From Denver Post

Winning her fourth consecutive title in the 2013 Enduro World Series races at Winter Park last weekend cements her status as the world's top female bike handler. And she's leading a surge of women flooding the nascent enduro scene.

Her 18 years of professional downhill mountain biking — starting with Great Britain's junior title in 1995 — is enabling her to transition into enduro as she develops her cross country skills.


Moseley inspired the field. And it's a growing crowd. The five-event Big Mountain Enduro Series is seeing 30 to 40 pro women at each race, a near tripling of women from 2012, said Brandon Ontiveros, executive director of race organizer Big Mountain Enduro. The Trestle Bike Park at Winter Park has seen a surge of armored women riding the resort's lift-served trails and gathering for women-specific training camps. The resort recently made a "Ladies of Trestle" video that documents the growing number of women pedaling at the park, which sees as many as 80 women in the weekly local races.

"They bring a lot of style to the scene, that's for sure," said Bob Holme, Winter Park's bike chief.

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