Mountain Biking at the Boulder Velodrome with kids

Few weeks ago the Colorado Daily put up a story on how the Velodrome is not just for pros and as a regular resident of the velodrome myself last year I saw some of the mountain bike park grow up but rarely saw folks using it. Then in the last 4 months or so there seems to be a large increase of parents telling of such wonderful experiences their kids have had at the velodrome with either their Cycle Tykes program or kids birthday parties... I had to go check this out. So a few nights ago my 8yr son and I loaded up my redneck truck and headed to the Boulder Velodrome for do some open riding on the mountain bike section. In short to skip all the words below it was GREAT!

The cost for open riding for each of us was $9 and I think that is for as long as you want, so we paid, signed a waiver for my son and suited up. My son is not really into bike racing but he has done a few short track events and about 1 cx and crit a year and usually finishes in the middle, but tonight he was very excited to ride the mountain park. As recommend by the staff we started out on the outer section of the mountain bike park, the inner section is the section that resides inside the velodrome's oval and the other section is easier (sort of) and is outside the oval. Truthfully I was nervous, as much as I try not to sometimes I become the "helicopter" parent and that night I was worried about him falling off the edge of some trail and crashing hard.... but he didn't share those same feelings and took to the course immediately. After about 10 minutes of riding the outer section he was ready to go inside.

From Boulder Velodrome mountain bike park

The inside has just as easy if not easier sections then the outer but the varity is much larger. Much like a ski resort the "trails" are color coded by green, blue and black and black diamonds. I questioned some of their markings because by the end of the night we were both addicted to a double black diamond while there were still a few blues neither of us wanted to try... I think those black runs are the ones they can AND WILL brag to their friends about... great elementary school viral marketing!

What Does the Boulder Velodrome offer for kids?

Cycle Tykes classes for ages 2-10
CycleTykes teaches your youngster all the fundamental skills he or she will need to master the sport of bicycle riding in an energetic and fun environment. Anna Polovin, who has successfully worked with children of all ages in a variety of athletic pursuits, heads up this unique program. Safety is our first priority, followed closely by helping your child gain new proficiency in cycling through enjoyment! The class is for 8 weeks and cost $99 + membership to the velodrome See their website for more information

Also, during this winter break there are some short 1 day or half day bike clinics. Jan 4th, 5th and another day (information not found on their website) call the velodrome for more information 303.292.5464

The trails have a variety of different terrain, the teter-toter was a favorite, the pump track section was very fun and there were logs, rocks, pirate bridge, narrow runs and a curvy road. After about a hour and half I had to almost pull him out because it was getting late but he was having a blast.

Needless to say, we will be returning soon, but we will have to check the schedule for open riding below. And for other helicopter parents out there, he never crashed or fell off of any edges and was decapitated. I would suggest against clipless pedals for you and your child her.

Boulder Velodrome mountain bike park

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