Meet Kevin Lynch - Mr. B-cycle for 2011

Kevin Lynch, Mr. B-cycle

For many commuting by bike about 1000 miles can be a struggle to hit and that is why Kevin Lynch has been selected as the "Mr Bcycle because he has logged 1,608 miles of B-cycle usage miles! Learn more about Mr. Lynch's tale of how he came to collect so many B-cycle miles this year

Mr. B-cycle’s tips:

- Get used to carrying a helmet. B-Cycles don’t come with helmets. For safety’s sake, carry one with you when you ride.

- Think out your route in advance and know where you’ll check in your bike. Go online and scout B-Cycle stations in advance. The computer will let users know how many open ports are available.

- Don’t worry about special clothing. B-Cycles are built for comfort, and they have all the necessary guards to keep pant legs from getting caught in the chain.

- Be creative. Plan a place to check the bike in for a moment to avoid being charged for exceeding 30 minutes.

- Watch the weather. Riding in the rain is a bummer.

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