Big Group Rides could require permits

Just the other day a Federal judge ruled that large bike groups need to have permits. This case largely evolves around Critical Mass rides but take away the name and what is it, a bunch of bikes riding together... hmm that could be a cruiser group ride or a large road ride (Gateway, Bustop, etc.) Not that police are going to start writing tickets tomorrow but it is clear now that if groups become sore in the public eye then action could easily be taken.

“The court,” he added, “recognized that the policing of Critical Mass rides was not based on any attempt to infringe First Amendment rights, but rather stemmed from Critical Mass bicyclists’ lawless behavior, which included intentionally blocking traffic, riding through red lights, and cycling the wrong way on both one-way and two-way streets.”

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Easy way to bust a ride

Whow, easy way law enforcement can crack down on group rides that have bad reputations. What sucks is the law probably doesn't know that ride X is good while ride Y is where the really a-hole lawlessness riders are. Maybe some of these rides should break up into smaller units to fall below the permit threshold?

Gateway Ride

I did a portion of the Gateway ride last Saturday and within the first 3 miles of the ride the group got honked at by at least 3 cars. The majority of the time riders were riding in the road even though there is a huge shoulder. Its only a matter of time before the police start enforcing traffic laws with this ride.

Idiot Riders

Will the Gateway or BusTop rides get busted or have a major wreck first this year? It's only a matter of time...

A few nasty wrecks in the last few years.
Last year somebody hit a cinder block nobody pointed out.
Year before somebody hit a 2 by 4 nobody pointed out.
A number of years ago, some girl from CU wrecked and got dragged by a car.

Sheriff and State Patrol know exactly when the ride goes and where it goes. If they get complaints, then they have to respond. They will video tape the ride for a while before pulling it over. If all on shoulder then no problem. If being A-Holes and blocking road then ticket time...